From time to time our complex lives take disorientating twists and turns that can leave us feeling confused or misunderstood, isolated or overwhelmed. We might find it difficult to talk about our problems or feel there’s no one out there who might listen. Or, it could be we’re hampered by a common perception that psychotherapy and counselling are unnecessary indulgences, a sign of weakness, so increasing our overall discomfort.

I firmly believe that if we navigate challenging life experiences with focused professional support and regard we can bring about understanding and insight, find a fresh outlook or new direction and effect change.

I provide that support with warmth, integrity and openness in a safe and confidential environment. The decision to receive counselling or psychotherapy is an important one. For some, especially the first time, it can be daunting. The prospect of  sharing  personal experiences, worries and intimate feelings with a complete stranger might strike some as bizarre or feel awkward.

I understand and respect this absolutely. And so I provide a secure containment for your personal world and assure your privacy, confidentiality and anonymity. I provide a professional, clinical service in which I maintain a duty of care and work within clear ethical boundaries.