Counselling is of short duration, usually 12 weeks minimum, and explores specific issues which from time to time intrude in our lives. It aims to provide practical solutions you can use in daily life. Sometimes it is simply an opportunity to be heard and work through a specific problem so as to find your own uniquely supportive solution.

Psychotherapy is longer term and aims to build a therapeutic relationship of trust in which we explore and find ways to resolve deeper issues by identifying symptoms which may have built up over time but increasingly intrude and trouble. Together we aim to put symptoms into context, allow patterns to emerge and unravel the threads of confusion. I review progress regularly. I include strategies and techniques which help to open up and draw out or access recognition, understanding and integration. These might occasionally include working with bodily sensation, visualisation and creative imagination.

Integrative Psychotherapy
There are many schools of psychotherapy and as an integrative therapist I draw from the major therapeutic approaches including Humanistic (Person-centred and Existential), Psycho-dynamic, Cognitive Behavioural and the Transpersonal, which integrates a neglected realm of human experience–our more subtle and refined natures. I use and integrate a range of skills developed in each discipline to support whatever difficulty or presenting issue emerges. These, in turn, help to integrate the parts of the psyche or self which might be unconscious or unrealised  and which inhibit a fuller, freer and more flexible experience of life and relationship. The integrated approach aims to achieve a sense of wholeness. It acknowledges that each of the therapeutic approaches is tried and tested and has a proven relevance and efficacy.