What if I’m not sure?
This is perfectly understandable. It’s a big step and sometimes daunting. We have an initial consultation so I can learn more about you and what troubles you and to see how we fit. I’ll explain more about how therapy or counselling works, for how long it might last and whether, indeed, it is the right thing for you now.

How often do  I come?
Therapy works best within a container that sets a regular rhythm of weekly sessions at an appointed time specially set aside for you. This structure helps to frame, establish and ground our work together. It also ensures the process is completed more swiftly and effectively.

What happens if I miss a session?
In the event of difficulty I shall always aim to accommodate and re-arrange where possible. However, a cancellation fee will be payable in the event this cannot be done.

Is it completely confidential?
Yes—I maintain your confidentiality absolutely. Professional and ethical standards mean, occasionally, I might discuss aspects of our work together with my supervisor but, again, I assure your anonymity and my supervisor is bound by the same code of practice and  ethics as me. As with all health care professionals the  code of ethics might require a therapist to break confidence but only in very rare instances, for example, where you or someone else was in danger. I would never break confidence without first discussing the matter with my supervisor and of course, where feasible, yourself.

Will it be distressing?
It is widely acknowledged that the experience of therapy can occasionally feel worse before there is a sense of improvement, that, at times, it is difficult to see progress. Remember, a difficult patch does not mean failure—it usually marks a time where you might explore further and trust the process.

Do I have to sign a contract?
I find it helps to set out a framework for our work together in a written document that you can take away and refer to as necessary. You don’t have to sign anything if you prefer.

What is the fee?
My fee is currently £80. I sometimes operate a reduced rate in difficult circumstances. Please feel free to ask about this.