I have been trained in, have professional experience of, and am able to work with you in a wide range of difficulties including:

abuse-physical, emotional and sexual; anxiety; addiction-behavioural & substance related including addiction recovery and support; ageing-change of life (‘mid-life crisis’);

childlessness-by choice or circumstance;  depression; death, loss and bereavement; eating disorders;

family and parenting; intimacy and trust;

indecision, inertia & loss of direction; low self-esteem;

panic attacks; phobias;

relationship/sexual difficulty; sexuality; sexual compulsion;

stress; existential/spirtitual crisis; trauma.


I am currently undertaking a specialist, intensive course in relationship counselling and provide therapeutic support to individuals and couples who face difficulties in their intimate relationships.


I offer clinical supervision for qualified practitioners and students alike, on a one-to one-basis and in groups, in both Stoke Newington and Little Venice.

If you are interested in receiving supervision on a one-to-one basis or in a group context please feel free to contact me and I will happy to discuss this further.